Altdorf Company of Honour

Otto Helstein leading The Altdorf Company of Honour.

The Altdorf Company of Honour, also known as the Sons of the Reik, are a Reikland regiment of highly-trained and highly-equipped troops dedicated to the service of the Emperor and the city of Altdorf.


This highly distinguished regiment recruits exclusively from other Altdorf regiments, picking only the best and bravest men out of the many units that garrison the city in order to keep up with their fearsome reputation as an elite fighting force.[1a]

Other soldiers instantly recognise the regiment thanks to their distinctive appearance of yellow plumes and black steel armour, with their battlefield history soaked in tales of glory and victory. Traditionally led by the youngest son of one of the city's noble houses, the current Captain of this regiment is Otto Helstein, a valiant warrior eager to make his mark upon this world. Every Altdorf native knows the distinctive trumpet blast that announces when the regiment leaves the city gates for a distant campaign, and all of them offer praises to Sigmar to ensure the safe return of Altdorf's most favoured sons.[1a]


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