"When I were but a lad, my father, the King, taught me three things:
Never accept a gift from a Elf.
Never trust gold that glistens in darkness.
Never forget a grudge.
On his deathbed I swore to uphold those values to me own dying day, and Grungni willing I will.
King Alrik Ranulfsson of Karak Hirn.[1b]
Dwarf alrik

King Alrik, borne into battle by his Shieldbearers.

Alrik Ranulfsson is the Dwarf King of Karak Hirn.[1a]


Even amongst a race as steeped in custom and tradition as the Dwarfs, King Alrik is regarded as particularly devoted to the customs of his ancestors. Perhaps it is because Karak Hirn, as one of the Grey Mountains holds, is regarded by many Dwarfs as being somehow new and unproven (despite being several thousand years old) that makes Alrik such a stickler for the old ways. Borne into battle upon the shield of his great-great-great-grandfather Kurgaz, considered a giant amongst Dwarfs and founder of Karak Hirn, Alrik has endeavored to settle many scores from the Karak Hirn Book of Grudges.[1a]

King Alrik wages war with the mighty Axe of Retribution, which he had made especially for his crusade to avenge the wrongs done to his Hold, and he wears Hrappi-klad, a heavy suit of golden armour which is the traditional battle garb of the Kings of Karak Hirn.[1a]

End Times

Not much is known about Alrik's or Karak Hirn's role during the End Times. King Alrik pledged his support to High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer in his intention of striking out of their holds and avenging grudges instead of staying on the defensive[2a]. However, by the time Karak Eight Peaks fell to the Skaven, all the Dwarf holds were under siege and none could send aid, so it is likely Alrik died defending his home from Skaven invaders.[3a]


  • Axe of Retribution - As the Karak-Hirn Dwarfs fight their enemies, the bright flash of silver is easily seen as the Axe of Retribution rises and falls in deadly arcs. Alrik had this axe made especially for his crusade to avenge the wrongs done to his Hold, and he has sworn not to let it rest until they have all been struck from the Book of Grudges. The Axe of Retribution has been inscribed with the Grudge and Breaking Runes.[1b]
  • Hrappi-klad - Suits of heavy golden armour are the tradicional battle garb of the King of the Karak Hirn and his Shield Bearers. They are plain and unadorned in the functional manner of the Dwarfs, but the protection they offer is far greater than any suit of finely filigreed Elven armour. It has also been marked with the Rune of Shielding.[1b]
  • Kurgaz's Shield - This ancient shield bears a protective magical rune, but is of tremendous size and is far too heavy to use normally. However, since it is a valued heirloom of their founder, the Kings of Karak-Hirn still take it to battle nowadays as a fighting platform borne by two of their strongest followers.[1b]
  • Helm of Eagles - The cunningly wrought runes on this ancient battle-helm give the wearer the sharp eyesight of the hunting eagle as he soars above his prey. No lurking assassins can hide from him, nor secrets be held from his whilst he wears his helm.[1b]
  • Karak-Hirn's Book of Grudges - The Great Book of Grudges, or Dammaz Kron, is held by the High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, but this is not the only book. In fact, each Hold has their own book, as indeed do many individual Dwarfs. Actually this is only volume of the many that compromise Karak Hirn's collection of grudges. However, this is a unique volume because all the grudges described in its pages have been avenged.[1b]



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