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Bloodfather and Seer of the Aeslings, Alfkaell is described as a man lean and thin to the point of emaciation. Draped in a heavy bearskin cloak that's festooned with runestones and bone talismans, he also wears a tall, Elven helmet framed over the sharp features of his wrinkled face. Held with gnarled hands, his staff is made of heavy oak wood that faintly glows with a smouldering, unnatural light, whilst tipped with a pillaged ithilmar blade. His voice, meanwhile is wispy like steam rising from a forge,[1a] and his eyes are a sapphire blue.[1b]

Alfkaell was once married, and even as far as Vinnskor, the tale is known of how she cast herself from the cliffs rather than endure the seer's embrace.[1b]


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