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Alexi Makarev was a Kislevite Boyar who fought during the Storm of Chaos.


North of the Empire border, a dispossessed noble of Erengrad had begun to rally the scattered forces of the Tzarina. Alexi Makarev, son of a now-dead Boyar of Erengrad, had issued a call to arms to all men of Kislev. As the armies of Chaos pressed closer to Kislev's capital, while Praag itself was almost besieged once more, it was a time for the people of Kislev to once again rise against adversity and protect their homes, as they had done for countless years.[1]

Alexi led his forces south to link up with the Gryphon Legion at Bohsenfels. Aided by other forces of the North Kislev Alliance, Makaver planned a series of raids on the attackers, if he could break through the thin cordon. Indeed, he and his warriors soon managed to break through the attackers and reclaim the castle.[1]

From Bohsenfels, it was the Boyar's intention to attack the rear of the Chaos armies at Brass Keep, or perhaps to move further south to aid in the fighting beyond the Middle Mountains. His attack was aided by the arrival of the Gryphon Legion from the west, and support by cannons sent from the city of Kislev. Forged from the bells of the city's cathedrals, these cannons were believed to be blessed by the gods, although their frail brass was liable to crack and break under intense firing.[1]

Alas, the woes of Alexi were further increased by the arrival of the Kurgan High Zar Dahn Chytzen and his Iron Wolves. The Champion of Chaos had vowed revenge on the Boyar after his Kislevites and their allies broke Chytzen's force at the relief of Bohsenfels.[1]

Though Alexi himself was not at the first battle against the Kurgan, a countryman named Namo bore the Boyar's flag aloft as the Kislevite noble's champion. The Winged Lancers proved devastating against the barbaric northmen, and it was soon claimed that Namo himself captured Dahn Chytzen's standard during the fighting.[1]

The second battle finally saw the long-awaited confrontation between the Kislevite Boyar and the Chaos Champion. As the sun set, the two forces had fought each other to a bloody standstill, though the onset of darkness prevented a possibly victorious flanking manoeuvre by the Kislevites following Alexi. As the dying rays of the sun bathed the battlefield in a ruddy glow, the two leaders met in single combat. The fight was fierce, with Alexi scoring early wounds against his foe, but the brave Boyar eventually succumbed to the might of the Champion of the Dark Gods. However, before the killing blow could be struck, the Boyar's faithful retainers dragged their master from the fray, leaving Chytzen's revenge incomplete.[1]

Alexi would later recover from his wounds, and bore witness to the defeat of Archaon at Middenheim. Having fought valiantly in the defence of the Empire, he rode with all speed to his homeland to assist in the reclamation of Erengrad, and on to the fighting that still raged at Praag. Having disobeyed the wishes of the Ice Queen and ridden south to the Empire, it remained to be seen what reception he would receive from the Tzarina...[1]