Alexei Kovovich wears the peaked helmet edged in gold that marks him as a boyarin, a member of Kislev's nobility. His ruddy, bearded features denote a hard life spent outdoors, yet he dresses in the expensive furs and armour. The man is also resentful of the southern Empire, seeing them as having been kept safe with Kislevite blood, and only fighting when their own lands are burning. Unfortunately, like many of the nation's aristocracy, Kovovich suffers from severe alcoholism.[1a]


Alexei Kovovich became another victim of the Butcherman of Kislev, who murdered him in an alleyway on the night of the Ice Queen's ball at the Bokha Palace.[1b] According to Anastasia Vilkova, Kovovich used to beat his wife mercilessly, yet that didn't stop the aggrieved widow from demanding justice outside the Empire Embassy's gates, as many came to believe Kaspar von Velten was behind the murder.[1c]


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