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"Among the many heroes of Kislev, one man stands a head taller than any of his peers. While Miska the Slaughterer and her father Boris Ursa are undoubtedly the most revered figures in the history of Kislev, it is Tzar Alexandr Njevski that is remembered as the noblest of all the Kislevite Warrior-Kings. While most Tzars of Kislev were rightfully cruel to the enemies of their country, Alexandr was merciful and courteous to the defeated. While many a ruler of the North was uncaring about the condition of his or her subjects, this mighty man had only the welfare of his people in his mind.
It was he who formed the alliance with the Empire even after a force of Knights from the Empire assaulted his borders and were annihilated at the Battle of the Glacier. He impressed the Dwarf High King so deeply that the Lord of Karaz-a-Karak commissioned an unrivaled suit of armour to be made for him. He strived for peace all his life, though his many enemies forced him to take to the field countless times, but none could bring him down. His triumphs are recorded on the Great Pillar of Victory that stands in the Kreml in Kislev. He ordered the construction of Alexandronov Castle. The remote fortress that has undoubtedly saved Kislev many times during the years of warfare that the Kislevites have been forced to endure. against the Four Powers of Chaos. Within Alexandr the power of Boris Ursa was combined with the wisdom of the ancient Baba Yaga.
The History of Kislev by Vladimir Turgenevych.[1d]

Tzar Alexandr Njevski, otherwise known as Alexandr I, was a much beloved warrior-Tzar of Kislev.


Construction of Castle Alexandronov was originally ordered by the great Tzar Alexandr Njevski. He chose the site guided by a dream in which Boris Ursa, the Forever Tzar of Kislev, directed him to build a great stronghold for Kislev, or else the land would be lost in a war against the greatest evil of all. Alexandr travelled across the land of Kislev for two years, until he recognised the site from his dream. Near the Troll Country stood a great cliff, some five hundred feet tall, and on the highest point he found the cool stream of clear water that Boris Ursa had shown him. Here was built a gigantic fortress with seven walls and a massive keep.[1a]

In order to aid his subjects, Tzar Alexandr offered a stipend to any man of letters who was willing to spend a period of time in the Writer's Rooms of Kislev transcribing the peasants’ news and reading them any replies.[2a]

In 1602 I.C., realizing that the Empire would benefit from Kislev's status as a bulwark against Chaos, Emperor Dieter III formed an alliance with the Warrior-Tzar. In 1605, this alliance, with Kislev supported by a contingent of Empire troops, threw back a huge army of greenskins in a pitched battle. This arrangement that continued for centuries after the Tzar's death, including the development of the Gryphon Legion.[1b][1c]

A fearsome warrior, Alexander was famed for the winged back banner he wore into battle, a custom that would eventually be adpted by all of Kislev's elite Lancers.[2]

At one point, Alexandr impressed the Dwarf High King to such a degree that he commissioned the creation of an unrivaled set of armour.[1d][1f]



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