Brewed from wheat, barley, yeast and other mysterious ingredients, ale is one of the staple drinks of the Empire, and indeed, most of the Old World. What differentiates ale from beer is the brewing process. Ale is fermented with special yeast to give it its unique taste. In a grim and perilous life, where each sip of water could kill you, a warm alcoholic haze and a deep nutty flavour are deeply desirable qualities in a drink. Ale comes in three varieties: bitter, brown, or pale.[1a]

One famous brew is the potent Zhufbar Ale, named after a Dwarf hold in the Worlds Edge Mountains. Known for its rich flavour and dark colour, the ale packs quite a punch. Each drink of Zhufbar Ale counts as two drinks. Many brewers in Marienburg adopted the brewing techniques of Bretonnian brewmaesters, resulting in a variety of fine ales with hearty, robust, and fruity flavour. Among them, Marienburg Pale is the most famous. One of the worst Ales in the Old World that is widely consumed is Talabheim Special, also called Troll Squirt, Bitter Brew, and “I be done Swill.” With its ruddy complexion and a harsh metallic taste, it’s said the brewers use water from the Talabec where it flows through the city; hence its chunky texture.[1a][1b]


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