Map Aldium

In the Border Princes, the closest thing to an international trading city like Marienburg is the town of Aldium. Because of its proximity to the Old Silk Road and the fortress of Malko, Aldium sees a good deal of foreign trade -- a good deal, that is, for such a remote area. This traffic brings a number of specialist mercenaries, caravan guards, and other well trained soldiers into the town. Just outside Aldium lies a small colony of artists, intellectuals, Tilean engineers, outcast alchemists from the Empire, tinkers, mechanics, and craftsmen of all kinds. This intellectual and free-spirited community is very accepting of all kinds of eccentrics: religious zealots, discredited wizards, experimental animal husbandmen, and the odd mystical creature of two. While the work that goes on in Aldium would almost never be allowed in nations where Witch Hunters hold sway, the remoteness of the Border Princes can sometimes breed an atmosphere of tolerance and permissiveness.[1a]


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