"Young man. one day you will succeed your father as Count of Hochland and it is therefore of primary importance that you learn about the military and political structure of our great land. From your court here in Hergig. you will reign over the Province of Hochland. You can see the borders on this map. Always remember, your first duty is to govern and protect your people. Furthermore, you arc already aware that your full title will be that of Elector Count. a title which brings with it an even greater responsibility. You will sit in the Imperial Council. Together with the other fourteen Electors."
—Excerpt from a lecture to Konrad Ludenhof, son of Aldebrad Ludenhof, by his preceptor, Erasmus of Nuln[2a]
Warhammer Aldebrand Ludenhof

Aldebrand Ludenhof, Count of Hochland

Aldebrand Ludenhof, known by his full title, Elector Count Aldebrand Ludenhof, Grand Baron of Hochland, Marshal of the Talabec Reach, Defender of the Shrines, Baron of Hergig is the current Elector Count of Hochland.[3a]


Although Hochland is not an especially large or important province its count is one of the most valiant leaders in the Empire. Aldebrand is very tall and thin, but immensely strong and fit, making him a match for larger, heavier opponents in combat. He has an unquenchable enthusiasm for hunting, and especially for hawking. Aldebrand's palace lies outside the capital of Hergig, surrounded by prime hunting estates. He is especially proud of his large collection of hunting birds, which occupies a substantial mews and tends to spill out into the palace itself, so that every room has at least one large bird of prey on its perch. Even in battle the count carries a hawk upon his arm. Aldebrand has a son, Konrad Ludenhof, heir apparent to the Imperial title who is currently under the tutelage of Erasmus of Nuln.[1a]


  • Goblin Bane (Runefang) - A magical blade given to all Elector Counts of the Empire.[1a]
  • Warhawk - Aldebrand has a trusted hawk which attacks the enemies of the Count.[1a]


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