Aldar Morninstone is the mate of the Blade Maiden, a heavily tattooed dwarf; one of the rare breed who has mastered his sea-legs. He was awarded the position of mate by the Captain, Otto Murgrom, after quelling a mutiny several years ago. Since that time, the captain has suffered numerous personal tragedies and business setbacks.[1a]

Where he once had a family and a fleet of ships, all he has left is his ship, his friendship with Aldar and an all-consuming love of drink. Over the past four years, Aldar has taken on more and more responsibility and become the captain in all but name on this ship. Now Captain Otto lives aboard ship but spends much of his time in his quarters in a haze of self-pity and wine.[1a]

The crew of the Blade Maiden have come to accept Aldar as their de facto leader, and afford him the respect of a dwarf twice his height (partly out of fear of his temper and his vicious uppercut).[1a]

In a rare long shore leave at Marienburg, Aldar met and fell in love with the purple-eyed Karin Dellardar more than a year ago. Profits grew from his relationship with her, as she made him part of the nigh-fictional "Tagranden Merchant Consortium". Karin fenced stolen goods through Aldar, which he quietly sold independently of any other cargoes the Blade Maiden took to Tilean or Bretonnian ports (or beyond).[1a]

While previously a law-abiding dwarf, Aldar enjoys the excitement and slight danger Karin brings to his life. He only hopes he can build up his own personal fortune and make enough money that he might buy the Blade Maiden from Murgom sooner than later.[1a]


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