Herr Albrecht Hahnemann was a distinguished Gunsmith in service to the Elector Count of Nuln who later went onto become the Headmaster of the Imperial Gunnery School.

began his adult life as a soldier in the employ of Countess Emmanuelle’s father, Count Konstantin von Liebwitz. He survived exposure to the Poisoned Wind during a battle with Rat-like Beastmen, but his lungs were no longer strong enough for campaigning. He showed an aptitude for math, so he was tutored by military Scribes and taught to be a quartermaster. He excelled at the position and quickly learned the fine art of resource management. When an opening presented itself, the Count, who was also the Chancellor of the University of Nuln, personally invited Herr Hahnemann to fill the headmaster's job at the Imperial Gunnery School, recognising in him the skill set necessary to run the school well. Herr Hahnemann has occupied this post quite successfully for the last 17 years.[1a]

Albrecht is a distinguished-looking man in his late 50s. His shoulder-length grey hair is streaked with silver and neatly combed. He is of average height and a bit stocky; though still in decent shape, he runs out of breath easily due to his injury. He favours formal dress at all times in public, as is only proper for his post. His eyes are a pale, earthy brown, and his eyelids are puffy and wrinkled from too many sleepless nights on campaign. This gives him the appearance of being perpetually sleepy, but he remains more perceptive than most even at his worst. He seems aloof and cold, though at times there is a twinkle in his eye that says otherwise.[1a]


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