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Albodi the Scarred, Chosen of Tzeentch [1]

Albodi the Scarred was a mighty Chosen of Tzeentch.


The inhospitable lands that lie within the Chaos Wastes have given rise to a society as diverse as any found elsewhere in the Old or new World. Here, where the lancing winds of Chaos rake the mind the northern tribes call upon the Dark Gods for protection and blessings; bartering their lives and sanity for a chance to rise above other mortal men. Albodi is one such warrior.[1]

Blessed with the power of change, Albodi seeks the approval of the Dark Gods through victory on the battlefield. The Chosen’s roughened skin is covered with a host of Chaos runes, each carved by the blades of fallen foes. In battle these scarred lines flare with power, shimmering and shifting in patterns that confuse the eye. Those unfortunate enough to face the mighty Chosen in battle soon find themselves outmatched.[1]

Albodi's strength lies in exploiting the weaknesses of his opponents. Armed with a warpstone-infused weapon and devastating determination, Albodi is terror incarnate. On sweep of his axe can unman a Knight of the Empire, silence a Dark Elf Sorceress, or sunder the skull of a Goblin Shaman. Only a fool would face this Hero alone.[1]


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