"We need support and not just moral support. And it's not charity - it's an investment in the future. Every child I get into a trade means onemore craftsman and one less thief. I think that's worth paying for, don't you?"
Brother Albertus Cobbius, Headmaster of St. Rutha's Orphanage[1a]
Albertus Cobbius

Albertus Cobbius

Brother Bert is a straightforward, no-nonsense man who gains many of his donations through sheer persistence. Like his estranged brother Lea-Jan Cobbius, he loves the Suiddock and its people, but is appalled at the corruption that eats at its soul. While he grew up a fighter to survive the streets, a change of heart late in life led him first to medicine and then the priesthood. He is dedicated to protecting Suiddock's children from the evils that infest the docklands.[1a][1b]

He is the younger brother of Lea-Jan Cobbius, but they haven't spoken in years, having quarrelled over Lea's methods. He is a friend of Director Fooger, who generously donates to the orphanage. He is well known among Marienburg's craftsmen and has placed many apprentices with them. He knows Sister Hilaria of St Olovald's. While she respects him, she is also jealous of his ability to raise money for his charges. Brother Bert can sometimes be found in the Pelican's Perch, sharing an ale with Ishmael Boorsevelt, the owner.[1b]

In his former life as a pit-fighter and bounty-hunter, Albertus became mixed up in underworld dealings and feuds, and made some enemies outside Marienburg. While it's likely that after this time his involvement has been forgotten, it's possible that one day his past may come back to maim him.[1b]


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