General Albertalli was the leader of the Tilean mercenary regiments that fought alongside General Pavian at Krasicyno--during which Albertalli's countrymen held the line for three hours straight[1b]--and later led the charge against the Kurgan line at Mazhorod in 2522 IC. He is described as a dark-haired man with swarthy skin, his moustache waxed in an elaborate upward curl. He is also passionate about his homeland's wine, claiming it superior to Bretonnia's.[1a]

Alongside the armies of Stirland, Talabecland, and the Ice Queen, Albertalli fought at Urszebya against the hordes of Aelfric Cyenwulf in 2522 IC. He and his huge, greataxe-wielding, Tilean sergeants defended the standard of Luccini as they made a brutal counterattack against the Kurgans. He himself wielded a heavy sword alongside his halberdiers, only to replace the thing mid-battle (having left its dull blade inside the enemy's groin) with a fallen halberd of his own. This weapon would also be lost after its tip snapped off inside the belly of a horned, dog-headed beast. Before he could fire with his personal flintlock, the general's head was torn off by the bite of that very same creature.[1c]


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