The Legendary Duo Gotrek and Felix, greatest warriors and chroniclor of the Old World.

Albericht Kruger was a former student of Altdorf University, he was a quiet, studious youth and was extremely fond of libraries. Kruger found himself in the possession of a pile of forbidden books that were wrapped up within the Altdorf Universities library. With these books, Kruger fled the university to start a new life as an alchemist and sorcerer.[1a]


Years later Kruger settled in the town of Blutdorf, residing the in the main keep with his companion Oleg, a huge mutant Kurger himself created through his experiments. During his time in Blutdorf he forced the villagers to surrender their children to him so he can carry out his abusive experiments, transforming the children into mutants with the use of warpstone and the knowledge he aquired though the stolen books from Altdorf University.[1a]

Encounter With Gotrek & Felix

Following a small fight with a small group of mutants on the outskirts of Blutdorf, Gotrek & Felix entered the small town where they were drugged by the local landord of The Hanged Man Inn then transferred to Krugers keep, where they were chained up as prisoners. When Kruger revealed himself to the duo, Felix recognised him as a fellow student during his time at Altdorf University and proceeded to ridicule Kruger, all the while Gotrek was attempting to free himself from his bonds.[1a] 

Once Gotrek managed to free himself by forcing the chains out of the wall, a battle ensued between himself and the giant mutant Oleg, not before Kruger made a run to let loose his mutants. Gotrek manages to kill Oleg through the use of asphyxiation, after which he freed Felix and both of them retrieved their weapons. Almost Immediately a second battle took place between Krugers mutants and Gotrek and Felix, these were easily fended off and Felix managed to hit Kruger in the chest with a throwing knife, yet Kruger fled the scene once more. Once the mutants were taken care of, Kruger was easily found due to the trail of blood left from his wound. Felix, overcome by anger pushed Kruger through a window of the main keep where he fell to his death.[1a] 


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