Alberich von Korden

Alberich von Korden.

Alberich von Korden is a Witch Hunter who is feared as well as respected in settlements across the Vale of Darkness.[1a]


Alberich was originally assigned to prosecute deviants within the walls of Altdorf, and spent the first decade of his career hunting and executing traitors to the Empire that lurked in the capital itself. In this, he succeeded mightily, culling corrupt street folk and perverted aristocrats alike in his quest to burn the taint of Chaos from the bosom of the Empire. He made many powerful enemies, and it was soon whispered that he was so steeped in blood that he had lost the ability to tell innocent from guilty. There was more truth in the rumours than the Cult of Sigmar cared to admit.[1a]

Von Korden was only saved from disgrace by a reassignment to Sylvania by Emperor Karl Franz himself. Since then, he has worked tirelessly against the evil denizens of that land for years. Von Korden now has loyal bodies of men throughout the Vale – after shooting the Templehof Vargheist through the eye with a silver bullet and hauling its corpse to the town bonfire, the Witch Hunter has gained plenty of supporters. He has truly thrived in Sylvania, for the delineation between good and evil is far more distinct there than in the courts of the Empire. He has three confirmed Vampire kills to his name and has taken their heads as trophies to prove his skill, claiming that he will add Mannfred's own skull to the tally before the year is out. It is this bloody determination that has won von Korden allies from common roadwardens to the White Order of Templehof – a trio of eccentric wizards based to the east of the Vale who see the Witch Hunter as a powerful force for good, and have rewarded him with a magical ring that can drive back the creatures of darkness.[1a]

When von Korden was younger in the year 2502 IC, he hunted down and tried a notorious witch known only as the Grey Hag in Gorstanford. Tied to a stake in the town square, the witch was sentenced to be burned alive with von Korden lighting the fire beneath her himself. However, instead of burning the witch, the fires spread away from the witch as she laughed with the crackling fires beneath her echoing her laughter. As the buildings on the periphery of the square started to catch fire, Gorstanford and von Korden, were only saved by the quick actions of Bennec Sootson, who quickly primed and shot the great cannon Hammer of the Witches (which he was repairing at the time) and killed the Grey Hag.[1b]



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