Not to be confused with Alith Anar.

Alathenar was an archer with jet-black hair stationed at the Eagle Gate of Ulthuan. Considered the best within the garrison, he could already put an arrow in a Dark Elf's eye at three hundred yards. This did not stop him from trying to get an extra ten-to-twenty by replacing the bowstring with hair from his beloved Arenia, whom had, after years of growing it, visited Avelorn to have said-strands blessed by one of Everqueen Alarielle's Handmaidens. All of this in hopes of bestowing the skill and magic of the warrior-maids for her beloved.[1a]

Superstitions aside, Alathenar is more than just a skilled archer. In Cerion Goldwing's own words: "The warriors of the fortress respect and love him. His successes are their successes and when his name is spoken in the barrack halls of the other Guardian Gates, it reflects on them too. They look up to him, for he is a natural leader".[1a]


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