Sir Alaron the Intrepid.

Sir Alaron the Intrepid, was a Grail Knight of Brionne, known for helping defeat an army of Norse Mercenaries when they attempted to besiege a holy keep.


Alaron began his quest for the Grail five years after the Battle of Maraismal. The tragic events that took place that day explained why the Grail Knight never rode a horse. During the battle against a plague of Skaven vermin, Criniera, Alaron's loyal mount, was savagely killed by a giant Rat Ogre. The knight swore by the Lady of the Lake that, if allowed to avenge the death of Criniera and live to continue fighting against their enemies, he would never mount another horse as tribute to his noble steed.[1]

The Siege of Chateau Frontiere

And so, when the leaves of the oaks turned yellow, it happened that Sir Alaron the Intrepid arrived at Chateau Frontiere. Having suffered much during his long journey, Alaron considered it appropriate to rest inside the castle, but disaster soon came in the form of the savage Bjorn Irongrim and his army of mercenaries. These Norscans, like many other barbarians before, had heard of the sacred treasures guarded behind the doors of the Grail Chapel that lay within the Chateau's keep.[1]

When Sir Alaron entered the chapel and knelt to pray to the Lady of the Lake, the treacherous enemy initiated the siege. The northmen attacked with axes, arrows and battering rams, climbing the walls with scales. Sir Alaron abandoned his vigil full of rage, all while the Norse scoffed and laughed at the castle's defenders. The frightened peasants were about to open the gate, when Alaron shouted across the battlements that no man would abandon the castle, reigniting the peasant's bravery.[1]

From the battlements, the proud and noble knight led the soldiers in their valiant defence. Even when the most cowardly began to waver, no one redoubled their efforts more than Sir Alaron. None of the despicable Norscans managed to enter the fortress. Irongrim and his hordes, carrying bloodstained banners, were either annihilated or fled in fear. It soon became known that, on that day, it was the soldiers of fortune who were ultimately forced to pay.[1]


  • Alaron's character model was originally designed to represent a player's Questing Knight in Warhammer: Quest. 


  • Alaron of Brionne, from the Spanish Edition of White Dwarf.


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