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"I need your help! These villagers can't return home until we clear their town of Chaos scum. Are you with me?"
Agnetha Weiltraub[1a]

Agnetha grew up in Wissenland, the daughter of a farmer who would take his goods to market in Nuln for sale. There she was fascinated by the gaudy military parades she would see and would march along, imitating the soldiers in their shiny armour. Any soldiers she met, she would ask for tales of their battles. Tall and strong for her age, she wanted to be just like them. Her parents, on the other hand, wanted her to marry a physician to provide for their old age.[1a]

One day, while in her early teens, Agnetha slipped away from her father to follow a group of soldiers from a foreign land. When they entered the temple of Myrmidia, she followed and listened to the worship service. At the end, she knew this was her calling and, inspired, pleaded with the local priest to be admitted to the clergy as an Initiate. At first doubtful, the priest was impressed with her knowledge of military history and the arts of strategy and tactics, and her self-taught skill with a spear. Relenting, he agreed and Agnetha took her vows as an initiate.[1a]

Her training showed she was much more suited to the battlefield than the sacristy, and so, completing her tests as an initiate, Agnetha took her vows as a Knight of the Blazing Sun. She took to her required year-long wanderings with a zeal few could match, and acquitted herself honourably in every conflict she entered. Now that the war has begun, Agnetha, a handsome woman in her 30s, has taken to the road again. Too late to join the armies at Middenheim, she has taken on herself the mission of defending those in danger from Chaos or reavers, teaching them to defend themselves in the process. Often working alone, she would relish the chance to have a group of trained bravos assist her.[1a]


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