Agilulf was a mighty Grail Knight of Couronne, renowned across Bretonnia for his mystical, shining armour.


Agilulf was well known amongst the dukedom's knightly classes. A mighty Grail Knight, he successfully embarked on countless chivalrous quests to rid the world of its foulest monsters - thousands were slain by his sword. He was also famous for the glittering armour he wore, which possessed a magical sheen that would blind his enemies in combat.[1]

No-one really knows what became of Agilulf or how he met his end, needless to say that he failed to return from his final Knightly quest and was assumed to have been killed. Neither he nor his resplendent armour were ever seen again, until one fateful day.[1]

A piece of armour bearing Agilulf's heraldry was brought before King Louen Leoncoeur, recovered by a group of Grail Knights returning from a holy quest. The iconography proved beyond doubt that the armour belonged to a member of Agilulf's household, but it did not posses the fabled radiance and was surprisingly brittle. Upon consulting with the Fay Enchantress, King Louen discovered both that it was indeed Agilulf's armour and that its sheen and durability were magically linked, its dullness and fragility an indication that its magical properties had long since waned.[1]

The only way to restore Agilulf's armour was to buff and polish until its brilliance returned, first by melting it down and then by re-forging it. Such work was no easy job for a peasant smithy - instead, it required a master craftsman's hands...[1]

Wargear and Abilities

Agilulf was one of the most esteemed Grail Knights in Bretonnian history, having slain thousands of enemies during his long and illustrious life.

  • The "Armour of Brilliance" was a near impervious relic of holy might, the dazzling light from the armour's polished plates making it painful for dark beings to even look upon their foe. When the artifact was first recovered in its dulled and brittle state, it was simply known as the "Armour of Agilulf."


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