"A master of the feint and riposte, Agilgar's skill at turning an enemy's strength against him is legendary. Many a powerful foe met his demise on the end of Agilgar's lance."

Heraldry of Parravon

Agilgar was the first Duke of Parravon and the eighth of the Grail Companions of Gilles le Breton during the Twelve Great Battles that freed and unified Bretonnia.[1a]


Agilgar was the lord of the Bretonni of Castle Parravon and the surrounding lands by 977 IC, when Gilles le Breton began his campaign to free the lands of Bretonnia.[1d] As he was the first to befriend Glorfinial, lord and sire of all the Royal Pegasus, his heraldic sigil was a pegasus.[1c]

Agilgar joined the Grail Companions of Gilles after the lords of Bastonne, Mousillon, Lyonesse, Bordeleaux, Aquitaine, Brionne, Carcassonne and Quenelles came to his aid during the fifth of the Twelve Great Battles. After the defeat of the greenskins on the border of Athel Loren, the eight Companions rode for seven days towards once-handsome Parravon, carved from stark mountainside by the River Grismerie, only to find that it stood in wrack and ruin - fell Giants high in the peaks were throwing boulders down upon the city below. Borne aloft on his faithful pegasus Glorfinial, Lord Agilgar of Parravon wheeled through the air above the city the better to take the battle to them, and managed to defeat the Giants. Tens of thousands numbered the slain that day, yet not a drop of blood fell from the Companions in their stride, and the greenskins fled in disarray.[1a][1b]

Agilgar was particularly renowned for battling with bat-winged fiends in the lightning laced clouds above Castle Mousillon as he defended one of its walls in the Ninth Battle.[1b]

After the securing of all the lands of the Bretonni tribes, a great meeting took place in the home of Folgar of Artois. Here, the formal dukedoms were created, and the Bretonnian calendar was introduced - thus, year 979 of the Imperial Calendar is considered year 1 of the Bretonnian one. Each of the great lords of the Bretonni, the fourteen Grail Companions, including Gilles le Breton, were named Dukes. The Dukes swore oaths of allegiance, and Bretonnia was formed.[1d]

Agilgar of Parravon was slain in 1024 IC. His pegasus, Glorfinial, was killed by a pair of Wyverns above the Grey Mountains, and the Duke of Parravon fell to his death.[1d]


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