"It is not what the lawyer says I may do that concerns me, but what is right by reason and justice. Such matters need then be the basis of our new law."
—'Lector Agatha von Böhrn, Supreme Law Lord of the Empire[2a]'Agatha von Böhrn is an influential figure within the Empire.[2c] Aside from being a lector of the Cult of Verena,[1a][2a] she is the Supreme Law Lord of the Empire[1a] and High Lord Judge of Reikland, meaning she is the supreme voice on legal affairs within Reikland.[2b] These positions grant her seats on both the Imperial Council of State and Reikland Council, councils that handle much of Emperor Karl Franz's day-to-day business in his roles as Emperor and Grand Prince of Reikland, respectively.[1a][2b]

Agatha von Böhrn's elder sister is Agnetta von Böhrn, Baroness of Böhrn. As Agatha spends much of her time in Altdorf in her three previously mentioned roles, she often attends meetings of the Reikland Diet on behalf of her sister.[2c]

Agatha is very experienced in legal matters, and is widely considered to be one of the most intelligent people in the Empire.[2b] In all her rulings, she also speaks with the authority of the Cult of Verena.[1a] However, she may be susceptible to bribes.[1a][2b]

Agatha von Böhrn, along with other members of the Cult of Verena, may have been a covert financier of the Glorious Revolution of the People.[3a]


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