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The Sword of Twilight.

Many famous swordsmen have come to Mordheim to make their fortune, but few can match the terrifying reputation of the Elf swordsman Aenur, the Sword of Twilight.


This mighty warrior was responsible for slaying the entire possessed warband of Karl Zimmeran, and single-handedly cleansed the Rat Hole, a settlement that had been overrun by Beastmen.

Rumours about Aenur’s origin abound. Elves usually avoid human settlements, and Mordheim in particular, but for some reason the tall, pale swordsman has stayed in the proximity of the ruined city for months. Some say Aenur comes from beyond the Great Ocean, from the fabled Elven kingdoms, and that he is the captain of the legendary Order of Swordmasters. Others claim that he is a Wood Elf prince in exile. Aenur himself says little about his past and those who are wise do not question him.

Whenever a warband prepares an expedition to explore the inner city, there is a chance they may hear a sharp rap at the gate of their encampment – their unexpected visitor will be Aenur, offering his services to their leader. If, indeed, Aenur seeks something in the grim ruins of Mordheim, no-one knows what this might be. Some say that he wishes to explore The Pit itself, and slay the enigmatic Shadow Lord, though such a task must surely be above even this mighty warrior.

Aenur is tall even for an Elf, and beneath his finely woven Elven cloak he wears armour of gleaming Ithilmar. He carries a sword of immense size which is rumored to have arcane properties. Certainly none who has been struck by it has ever lived to tell the tale.


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