As a youth, Aeleador Truesight readily admitted a sense of ennui to his elders in the Laurelorn forest, and told them he desired to travel the lands of the Empire. The elders were loathe to let one of their much needed archers go wandering, and they deliberated with Aeleador regarding his rather eccentric wish.[1a]

However, his mind was set. The sent him on his way with the traditional warning, that he was never to let anyone know about life in Laurelorn or how to find the elves dwelling there, on pain of never being allowed to return.[1a]

Aeleador travelled first to the city of Middenheim, but was so struck by the alien nature of the stone buildings crammed together on a pinnacle of rock, that he turned south and made for Delberz instead.[1a]

He receives a great deal of attention, for an elf travelling alone along the roads of the Empire is not a common sight. The rushed pace of human life, juxtaposed with their lumpish and ungainly physical appearance, is bewildering to Aeleador, but he remains fascinated by it all the same. At the same time, he is horrified to see how wastefully humans treat the land, with their inefficient farms and their polluting industries.[1a]


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