"Sigmar votes with Reikland for three. The dead Emperor, Mootland, and Reikland will vote the same way, taking Reikland to six. As you know you need seven votes to become emperor. Given Ar Ulric always votes for Middenheim, it's highly unlikely the Imperial seat will return to Nuln while the House of the Third Wilhelm flourishes. Best hope for a daughter, your Grace. A marriageable one."
Krammond, Advisor to the Elector Count of Nuln, 2574 IC[1a]


Advisors surround those at the highest echelons of society- nobles, crime lords, merchant princes. These individuals give counsel to their employers, helping them plot their next move.[1a]

Many advisors to nobles are given the position by virtue of their own noble birth. Some are old friends from their employer's days of youth or adolescence. Others work their way up through the ranks, first serving under minor nobles, eventually gaining great wealth, power, and prestige.[1a]

Advisors will be well aware of political and social conditions and events in their employer's domain, and privy to their employer's secrets. It is no surprise, then, that advisors often fall into adventure when they investigate strange happenings or clandestine matters…[1a]


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