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Archduke Adelbert von Bögenberg is the High Lord Steward of the Reikland Council circa 2512 IC. He is one of the most important men in the Reikland, and often acts as its de facto ruler when Karl Franz is preoccupied with Imperial business. The other man who might claim to be the most senior member of the Council, High Lord of the Chair Archibold von Lilahalle, is something of a political opponent of von Bögenberg.[1a]

As High Lord Steward, Archduke von Bögenberg is the man who, by law, would preside over any criminal trial of a lord of a Reikland Estate. However, this particular role is more of a sinecure, as any of those lords would be far too powerful to be brought to trial.[1a]

Although Archduke von Bögenberg has little legal experience, he does have a keen understanding of people.[1a]


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