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Adamnan-na-Brionha is an Elven god who reflects two seemingly contradictory facets of life: the joy of dance and the fury of righteous slaying. He is worshipped primarily by the Wardancers of the Wood Elves, who believe he was the First Being, whose dance structures the universe. He is also known as The First and The Lord of the Dance.


Adamnan-na-Brionha appears as a mighty Elf, with his left side slender and graceful, and his right side heavily muscled. His face also reflects the dichotomy, split between an expression of bliss on one side and fury on the other.


Adamnan's symbol is a flute clutched by a clenched fist. His devotees also usually adopt a flamboyant hairstyle.

Cult and Temples

Adamnan's cult is open to all Elves. However, he has no formal temples - worship is to be performed in the heart, not a building.

The cult is on friendly terms with the rest of the Wood Elf pantheon, and are generally positively inclined to the cults of Taal, Rhya, and Ranald. Other Human cults are generally ignored. Dwarfen cults are regarded with condescending amusement (to the chagrin of the Dwarfs). Goblinoids and Chaos followers are regarded with contempt and hatred, and are destroyed as a sort of vermin.

Holy Days

Specific dates have little meaning to Adamnan-na-Brionha; everything is part of the Dance, and so all actions are significant.

Cult Strictures

  • Followers must remain fit and supple.
  • Followers may never knowingly act in a manner that threatens the Elven race.
  • Combat must be entered openly, with joy, righteous anger, and athletic grace.


  • Adamnan-na-Brionha was mentioned in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and White Dwarfs, as late as 2007.


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