"I can tell, my dear, you are attracted to a man of power. No, don't say anything. Let me kiss your hand."
Adalbert 'Casanova' Henschmann[1a]
Adalbert Henschmann

Adalbert 'Casanova' Henschmann

Adalbert is fifty, medium height and heavy build, but somehow he looks more powerful than he is. He exudes an almost tangible air of menace, and a definitely tangible odour. His clothes are of fine quality but show a complete lack of taste, and he slicks his hair down with too much Bretonnian mousse. His voice is phlegmy and rough - he tries to sound sophisticated but cannot get rid of an edge of menace.[1a]

Someone once asked Casanova what he wanted from life. "I want more," was the reply, as he forced the questioner to sign over his business. He is interested only in money and sex, and anyone who gets in his way had better know how to swim with chains on. He took control of the League fifteen years ago in a vicious war that broke the power of the then-Master, the elder Delftgruber. Now he uses all his influence - and thugs - to prevent a similar war. His rule is harsh, and so long as everyone acknowledges that he is the boss then no one gets hurt. When people do get hurt, on the other hand, it's generally in a spectacular fashion. The nickname "Casanova" is ironic, and not uttered where Adalbert can hear it. He truly thinks he is the gods' gift to women, and will make a pass (expecting to succeed) at every good-looking woman who enters the Club. Most women would rather be seduced by a snotling.[1a]

Adalbert deals with Lea-Jan Cobbius as an equal, and the two have healthy respect for each other's power. Between them, they keep the peace in Suiddock in a way the Watch can never match. Adalbert has frequent dealings with Guan Lo Fat, Donat Tuersveld, and officials from the Houses of the Ten. He has regular contact with Trancas Quendalmanliye and even Captain Graveland, though their meetings are always private. He has strong connections to the Norscan community, often using them for labour or strong-arm work. It's rumoured that he can call in favours from Cobbius and the Norscans for a lot of extra muscle, if needed.[1a]


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