Manann Emblem

Aber Walblatt was a Templar of Manann

Captain Walblatt is a well-known member of the Knights Mariner, and tales of his exploits are told throughout the coastal regions of the Old World. It is not prowess in battle or devotion that these legends tell of, but of the quest Walblatt has tirelessly devoted himself to for nigh on a decade. For the past nine years, since the last, ill-fated voyage of the templar warship, Manann’s Trident, of which Walblatt is the only survivor, he has hunted the great red Chaos whale that wrecked his ship and killed his crewmates. Walblatt, now captain of his own warship, Manann’s Scales, refuses to set foot ashore until he has enacted his revenge on that whale, his devotion commanding near-fanatical loyalty from his crew.[1a]


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