In VII, 214 (2514 IC), acting on information from the Witch King's spies, Draxor Bloodscar, Dreadlord of Kassna Kor, intercepted an army of High Elves as it marched to aid the Emperor Karl Franz against the Drakwald Beastmen. Having successfully ambushed the Asur several leagues short of their destination, Bloodscar ordered a glamour woven around his warriors so that their appearances matched those of their most recent victims.[1a]

Three days later, Bloodscar's warriors took the field alongside Karl Franz. To begin with, the Dark Elves bided their time, slaying Beastmen as was expected of them. Only when the Reiklanders were fully committed did Bloodscar order the veil of illusion dropped, and the Dark Elves to turn upon their erstwhile allies.[1a]

Within moments, the Empire lines were in anarchy. State troops who, moments before, had thought their flank held by White Lions, died as Executioners descended hungrily upon them. Knights Panther fought desperately against Phoenix Guard whose robes had turned black as ash even as their faces grew malevolent.[1a]

Betrayed, savaged and surrounded, the Empire army turned tail and fled. Karl Franz sought to restrain the rout, but his Reiksguard captain judged the battle to be lost and dragged the Emperor from the field.[1a]

Laughing at the monarch's undignified retreat, Bloodscar turned and ordered his warriors to break the Beastmen horde. Slaves were slaves, after all, and there was no reason a beast of the Drakwald could not labour as well as a man of Reikland.[1a]


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