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conocido como Hayato Fukai

  • Vivo en La Carolina (Jaén)
  • Nací el 13 de enero
  • Mi ocupación es Ojo del Omnissiah, Historiador y Escritor Amateur.
  • Soy Historia y ciencia ficción
  • Adeptus Hispanus



    Mannfred elected not to share command of his expedition with any of his minions. He knew he could afford no failures, and deemed that the chance of such inadequacies would only increase if he trusted others wi th even a part of the task.


    When it came time to assemble his invasion army, Mannfred was especially discerning when gathering the forces he would personally lead into Nehekhara. He was suspicious of spies, distrusting both Arkhan and Neferata. As a proud von Carstein, Mannfred wanted nothing to do with the unhinged Dieter Helsnicht, nor any Strigoi, whom he considered abominable. As needs must, Mannfred summoned skeletons to do his bidding, but he preferred to keep …

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  • Adeptus Hispanus


    Far to the north of Sylvania, the Empire was besieged. To the barbarians of the wastes, this was a time of destiny, the promised hour in which the civilised realms of men would fall before the axes of the North. The End Times were nigh, and glory # would go to those with the strength to claim it.

    In the preceding weeks, Kislev had been obliterated, its lancers and landsmen swept aside. Of the once-great nation’s cities, only Erengrad remained, and that endured chiefly thanks to Valmirvon Raukov, Elector Count of Ostland, who had marched an army north to its defence at the first sign of trouble. All along the border there were rumours that the Ice Queen Katarin yet lived, and, at the head of an army of vengeful survivors, fought on t…

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