Wiki La Biblioteca del Viejo Mundo
Wiki La Biblioteca del Viejo Mundo

Total War: Warhammer III es un videojuego de estrategia en tiempo real desarrollado por The Creative Assembly y mostrado por primera vez el día 3 de Febrero de 2021.


Más allá del mundo y sus insignificantes guerras, existe una dimensión de magia puramente malévola: el Reino del Caos. Es un lugar terrible que las mentes mortales no alcanzan a comprender. Te susurra promesas de poder, pero si lo contemplas, te seduce. Para que le entregues tu alma. Para que te conviertas en él.

Los cuatro Poderes Ruinosos gobiernan este lugar en una pugna constante por escapar a sus ataduras y sumir al mundo en la corrupción demoníaca. Nurgle, el Dios de la Plaga; Slaanesh, el Dios del Exceso; Tzeentch, El Que Cambia Las Cosas; y Khorne, el Dios de la Sangre y la Matanza.

En el confín entre los mundos, dos poderosos reinos oponen resistencia: los adustos guerreros de Kislev y el vasto imperio de la Gran Catai. Aunque cada uno debe hacer frente a sus propios problemas, ahora ambos tienen motivos para cruzar la frontera y enviar a sus ejércitos al Reino del Caos.

El mundo se encuentra al borde del abismo. Un solo empujón desatará un cataclismo.

Además, hay alguien que conspira con tal fin, una figura ancestral que no desea más que ostentar el poder supremo. Sin embargo, para conseguirlo, precisará de un paladín...

El conflicto que se avecina repercutirá en todo cuanto existe. ¿Conquistarás a tus demonios? ¿O los dirigirás?.


Kislev, the ward of the world against the machinations of Chaos and humanity’s finest line of defense against the threat of corruption. A fierce belief in their land, its people, and the power of their Gods to stand against the Chaos seeping from the North – whispering dark secrets and desires, crushing and infecting all those it encounters – keeps the nation alive. Unthanked in their endless task of standing as the bulwark against Chaos to protect the Realms of Man, the men, women, and bears of Kislev are resolute in not allowing their homeland to become corrupted. From the lowliest farmer to the mightiest bear rider, the snow leopards that prowl the wastes to the living embodiment of the land itself and the people’s god – all are prepared to fight for every inch of territory and never allow Chaos to gain a foothold. Should they fall, all will surely follow.


Grand Cathay is the largest nation in the Warhammer world. Far beyond the mountains to the east, past the lands of the dwarfs, the snowfields of Kislev, and even beyond the Ogre Kingdoms, lies this incredibly ancient and powerful land. Overseen by the Celestial Dragon Emperor and his wife, the Moon Empress, and ruled by their children, it is a mysterious land of incredible military might. Massive terracotta statues come to life to defend the Great Bastion against the floods of Chaos that come to Grand Cathay’s doors. Dragon-blooded sorcerers wield the magic lores of Yin and Yang in harmony to blast enemies from the battlefield. Powerful artillery and well-drilled troops numbering in the thousands slay any enemy that dares take one too many steps.


The Blood God thirsts, the Skull Throne hungers, and the forces of Khorne venture to the battlefield for harvest. They are single-minded, bloody, and potent, defined by a distinct hatred of and resistance to magic. The cowardice of ranged combat has little appeal, beyond the exception of cannons which broadside enemies with the skulls of those Khorne has consumed. The mortal races cannot hope to match his army’s ferocity, and the other Chaos Gods cannot survive in a toe-to-toe fight. Should they run rampant, Khorne’s forces will cleave the heads from all they find in the never-ending quest to please their god.


Tzeentch is the god of change, manipulation, and magic, the Great Conspirator, and the Changer of Ways. His intricate plans and endless schemes double back upon one another in a web of lies, half-truths, promises, and betrayal that would make any mortal’s head spin. Kairos Fateweaver, legendarily powerful Lord of Change and spellcaster supreme, leads the Oracles of Tzeentch in an invasion of Cathay – and the rest of the world to follow shortly.


Nurgle is also a god of decay, death, and rebirth, and that is fully represented in his glorious ways. Be it buildings, recruitment, or heroes, everything’s just a little bit different for Grandfather Nurgle as you grow and conquer. On that note, in current world circumstances we can understand if talk of horrific plagues spreading is sensitive. Inside a videogame, it’s the fun of inciting chaos across a digital world, and we think you’ll enjoy it.



Ogre Kingdoms, filling out the central area of the map with the many tribes of maneaters, ironguts, bulls, and many more. Those are the Ogres – violent, gluttonous, and a hell of a lot of fun to play. While they are not as automatically warlike as the daemon races (who they are as happy to work and ally with, so long as it pays), the haphazard nature with which they engage in warfare and their easy-going nature comes to the fore easily. Oh, well, if someone’s going to pay – why not take this city or that? Why not crush an army or kill a general? It’s all meat for the belly, after all.


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