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If You Were An Enchanted Armour or Weapon

Sorcerers and evil wizards blessed by chaos are known to have a variety of malicious tortures that they can inflict on the unwitting soul. If you happened to anger such a sorcerer so much that he imprisoned your soul and your likeness into a piece of armor or weapon where you still had conciseness and was still sentient, what kind of armour/ weapon would you be and what would be your magical property?

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I think, while I need to co to use bombadil, I may start another short story series on either a questing knight going on adventures or a peasant. Which shall I do and any ideas for story? I already have one ide, the knight defending an orphanage from wood elves. But more would be great.
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Worst faction

1 Tree elves
2 skaven
3 chaos

What are your least favorite factions
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So I’ve been playing Total War warhammer and warhammer 2 for quit some time well I’ve been in Basic for a good while and at my first duty station and I know warhammer 2 has had plenty of updates and DLC releases and everything so I re installed Warhammer 2 to play some Mortal Empires as the Dawi now none of my lords level up High King Thorgrim has done 14 battles and is still lvl 1 I took off every mod I had and still stayed lvl 1 is this a problem for any of y’all or what even the Ai lord’s are still lvl 1 so again has this happen to y’all or what?
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Is there anything specific known about a group called Purple Talon and the Norse clan of Kaigh ?

In the Book Palace of the Plague lord te protagonist comes across a Chaos Knight. He claims to be an acolyte of the Purple Talon and Warlord of the Khaig. Now i am wondering if these are names some of you may have heard and know what it is about.

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When Wood Elves hit strength rank 1 without expanding beyond Athel Loren

King Louen: Those wood Elves are up to something.

Fey Enchantress: Quiet you, I'm into something.

Louen: Their organized. I know it.

Enchantress: I said quiet.

Louen: That Orion, I reckon he's their leader.

Enchantress slams the table

Enchantress: Your majesty!

Louen: Huh?

Enchantress. I may FINALLY have found us a way to make some real money in this Kingdom. And what are you on about? Ridiculous notions of Wood Elves.

Louen: But... but.

Enchantress: It's all in your head Your Majesty. Say it!

Louen: It's all in my head, it's all in my head. But you know that Orion...

Enchntress: Their WOOD ELVES you dolt! Apart from you their the most stupid creatures on this planet! They don't plot, they don't scheme, and they are not ORGANIZED!

Cut to Wood Elves planning their next Wild Hunt.

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The Prince of Altdorf

Anyone now how the get/where to read the Prince of Altdorf novela CA released?

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Settra awesomeness is imperishable
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Names for dwarf king

As said in title I need help with names. Also can any of you tell me what thunderhammer or gloryhammer is in khazlid
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• 1/14/2019
Magnus Sanctus | Magnus the Pious song (WITHOUT INTRO) - Warhammer Fantasy
Magnus Sanctus | Magnus the Pious song (WITHOUT INTRO) - Warhammer Fantasy YouTube
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• 1/14/2019

Do you folks still do those fanfiction question thingies?

You know, like Allhailorks used to ask. I used to write them quite frequently and people used to like them. Sadly, I lost them with me old phone...
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• 1/13/2019

DND ideas

Yes I know there’s a warhammer role play I may look into but I need ideas for a warhammer dnd campaign
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• 1/13/2019

Gods in real life.

If the gods where worshiped in the real world, where would they be worshiped(I already know Desert Gods at Egypt and Old Ones at Central and South America) ?

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• 1/12/2019

All Warhammer Fantasy Novels

Maybe the problem is that I am really bad at searching for stuff, but I like the warhammer world and want to learn more of it through novels. The thing is there are A LOT, and most pages, even the ones dedicated to a specific saga (such as Gotrek & Felix) leave some not popular ones unmentioned. Since there seems to be no special place on the wiki for literature, i was thinking I could create one in an attempt to group all novels, clasify them by sagas and stories, chronological order, and even sugested read order or something like that. Do you think thats apropriate for the wiki? Is there anything similar I looked over? Any suggestions? I intend this to be a good starting point for people new to the game as well.
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• 1/12/2019
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• 1/12/2019
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• 1/11/2019
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