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Can someone please decipher this for me? I am way to incompetent

This is from the Sword of Vengeance book if you want to know
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The greatest High King?

Who is the greatest high king of the dwarfs in your opinion and in what order would you rate all other high kings.

In my opinion it is Gotrek Starbreaker as he finished the war of the vengeance and showed the power of the dwarf empire back in its hay day.
After that it would go Snorri Whitebeard then Kurgan Ironbeard then Thorgrim Grudgebearer.
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A loot of new people recently
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Do people live in Sylvania?

I want to make a plot in Sylvania, but i dont know if humans lives there, or there are only skeletons, vampires, beasts etc.

For example: Swartzhafen and Bylorhof are normal villages/cities? Heroes can find there tavern or something?
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Timeline question

Do the events of Chaosbane take place before or after the events of mordheim? Also, is it before the End Times, because I'm very confused on the timelines and I'm fairly new to the warhammer community

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What do the Forces of Order do in their spare time?

If you play as The Empire, Bretonnia, the Dwarfs, the High Elves, the Wood Elves, or Lizardmen, you're on the side of good.(even if their views don't always match) You're fighting not for dark bloodthirsty gods who want to kill everyone, you're fighting to protect your people, home, and world.

But what DO these people do? What happens in your homeland every day? Imagine yourself a soldier or citizen from one of these factions. You wake up in the morning and you can't shake the feeling that somethings wrong. Then you realize, no screams, no beastmen or skaven snarls, no deamon portals opening, no warnings of Dark Elf fleets approaching, no scouts warning of approaching greenskins, ogres or undead, the Winds of Magic are calm and stable, the other Order factions have not crossed your boarder or violated a fragile peace treaty, no calls to arms, no declarations of war, no sounds of battle. Every things peaceful and quiet.

So what do you do? These days either are uncommon in Warhammer, or are just not written about because peace usually doesn't make a good story. So what do you think the people of The Empire, Bretonnia, Karaz Ankor, Ulthuan, Athel Loren, and Lustria do on days where there's no danger at all? What's everyday life like in the Warhammer world?

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Just leaving this here...
Gotrek & Felix vs Aenarion (Battle Only)
Gotrek & Felix vs Aenarion (Battle Only) YouTube
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Paint ideas.

Hi every one I'm newish to warhammer. I have a old island of blood set. Would like some paint schemes ideas for the elfs and skaven . Any and all thoughts are welcome
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• 3/13/2019

My lord arcanum

Know it's not fantasy but here's my lord arcanum
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• 3/13/2019

Your favorite Warhammer Fantasy Faction?

I'm Just Hella Courious
My Top Three are
1. Skaven
2. Greenskins
3. Ogre Kingdoms
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• 3/11/2019

Vampire Count army lists.

Do you have any good suggestions? Comment below.
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• 3/10/2019
New Diablo Warhammer Fantasy Game - Warhammer: Chaosbane High Elf Mage
New Diablo Warhammer Fantasy Game - Warhammer: Chaosbane High Elf Mage YouTube
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• 3/9/2019

Can i translate

I know how to speak english but my friends dont can i transte the wiki for my fellow turkish readers.
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• 3/9/2019
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• 3/9/2019

Conspiracy or Plot hole?

Sigmar was to return Ghal Maraz after he abdicated right? He left Altdorf and headed towards World's Edge mountains with two animals. So why is Ghal maraz still in the possession of the succeeding emperors? Was he assassinated by a group of people who took ghal maraz and proclaimed him a god? Is it a conspiracy? There is two tales of him leaving ghal maraz then going to world's edge mountains and him taking it with him, which one is true?  

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• 3/8/2019
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• 3/8/2019

What if the Tomb Kings were real?

What if the Tomb Kings were real? How would the United Nations react? How would Mainstream media react? Could we fight back?
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• 3/8/2019

Ochre Pox

The wiki page for the Skaven says the Ochre pic is another name for the Green Pox, why is this, when Ochre is a yellowish orange color
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• 3/7/2019

The mightiest wizard of all.

The description of the mighty wizard Teclis is that few could match him in the art of sorcery. But who could this be aimed at. I for one don’t know of any, not even a chaos demon, that could beat the skill and power that Teclis appears to be in possession of.
Just wanted to know if anyone else knew who could possibly beat him when it comes to controlling the winds of magic.
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• 3/7/2019

Tzeentch and runes

What is tzeentch Opiobion on runes
Does he hate them and want to destroy them all
Does he want them and is jealous
Does he wish to have them
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